PHP & MySQL For Dummies, 3rd Edition Table of Contents

Developing a Web Database Application Using PHP and MySQL

Introduction to PHP and MySQL

  • What is a Web database Application?
  • MySQL, My Database
  • PHP, a Data Mover
  • MySQL and PHP, the Perfect Pair
  • Keeping Up with PHP and MySQL Changes

Setting Up Your Work Environment

  • The Required Tools
  • Finding a Place to Work
  • Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3

Developing a Web Database Application

  • Planning Your Web Database Application
  • Presenting the Two Running Examples in This Book
  • Designing the Database
  • Designing the Sample Databases
  • Types of Data
  • Taking a Look at the Sample Database Designs
  • Developing the Application

MySQL Database

Building the Database

  • Communicating with MySQL
  • Building a Database
  • Moving Data Into and Out of the Database

Protecting Your Data

  • Controlling Access to Your Data
  • Setting Up MySQL Accounts
  • Backing Up Your Data
  • Restoring Your Data
  • Upgrading MySQL


General PHP

  • Adding a PHP Section to an HTML Page
  • Writing PHP Statements
  • Using PHP Variables
  • Using PHP Constants
  • Working with Numbers
  • Working with Character Strings
  • Working with Dates and Times
  • Comparing Values
  • Joining Comparisons with and/or/xor
  • Adding Comments to Your Program

PHP Building Blocks for Programs

  • Useful Simple Statements
  • Using PHP Arrays
  • Useful Conditional Statements
  • Using Loops
  • Using Functions

Data In, Data Out

  • PHP and MySQL Functions
  • Making a Connection
  • Getting Information from a Database
  • Getting Information from the User
  • Putting Information into a Database
  • Getting Information in Files

Moving Information from One Web Page to the Next

  • Moving Your User from One Page to Another
  • Moving Information from Page to Page
  • Using PHP Sessions


Putting It All Together

  • Organizing the Application
  • Keeping It Private
  • Completing Your Documentation

Building an Online Catalog

  • Designing the Application
  • Building the Database
  • Designing the Look and Feel
  • Writing the Programs

Building a Members Only Web Site

  • Designing the Application
  • Building the Database
  • Designing the Look and Feel
  • Writing the Programs
  • Planning for Growth

The Part of Tens

Ten Things You Might Want to Do Using PHP Functions

    Ten PHP Gotchas


      Installing MySQL

      • On Windows
      • On Linux and Unix
      • On Mac
      • Verifying a Downloaded File
      • Configuring MySQL

      Installing PHP

      • Installing PHP on Unix, Linux, or Mac with Apache
      • Installing PHP on Windows
      • Configuring PHP

      Installing and Configuring Apache

      • Selecting a Version of Apache
      • Installing Apache on Linux and Unix
      • Installing Apache on Windows
      • Installing Apache on Mac
      • Configuring Apache