PHP and MySQL Web Development All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies(r) Table of Contents

Setting Up Your Environment

Setting Up Your Web Environment

    Installing PHP

      Setting Up the MySQL Environment

        Installing a Web Server

          Setting Up Your Web Development Environment with the XAMPP Package

            PHP Programming

            PHP Basics

              Building PHP Scripts

                PHP and Your Operating System

                  Object-Oriented Programming

                    Using MySQL

                    Introducing MySQL

                      Administering MySQL

                        Designing and Building a Database

                          Using the Database

                            Communicating with the Database from PHP Scripts


                              General Security Considerations

                                An Overview of Authentication and Encryption

                                  Creating a Secure Environment

                                    Programming Securely in PHP

                                      Programming Secure E-Commerce Applications

                                        PHP Extensions

                                        Introduction to Extensions

                                          Using PEAR

                                            Using the XML Extension

                                              Manipulating Images with the GD Extension

                                                Mail Extensions

                                                  PHP Web Applications

                                                  Building and Processing Dynamic Forms

                                                    Making Information Available on Multiple Web Pages

                                                      Building a Login Application

                                                        Building an Online Catalog

                                                          Building a Shopping Cart